Herbalists / Owners

Chrissy Manes - Owner and Herbalist (HHP, AHG, CH)

Chrissy is a Certified Herbalist and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. She believes that the healing power of plants is often under-appreciated and looks forward to spreading the possibilities of herbalism to as many people as possible.  She obtained her Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Certificate in Denver, Colorado.  She is also an active member of the American Herbalist Guild.  Her greatest passion is teaching and empowering people so that they can make healthy and educated healthcare decisions.  In her spare time, Chrissy is an avid snowboarder, backcountry skier, rafter, and backpacker.  She also enjoys drawing, wildcrafting, and spending time with family.

John Lee - Owner and Manager

John started his career as a geologist and holds a MS in geoscience.  His analytical background is well suited for the demands of medicine making and understanding the physiological processes of herbal medicine.  When he is not marketing, managing, balancing the books, sweeping the floors, or editing this website, he enjoys climbing, rafting, fly fishing, backcountry skiing, and all other manner of mountain sport.

Bobbi Newberg - Herbalist

Bobbi trained at the Australian College of Herbal Studies as a Master Herbalist in Portland, Oregon. She has also completed the Women’s Herbal Program through Aviva Romm.  She specializes in general herbalism, women’s health, and stress/mood disorders. She has lived in the mountains since 1997 and loves to hike, wild craft and teach.  She has a deep connection to nature and has a true passion for helping and nurturing others with herbal medicine and other natural alternatives (nutrition/lifestyle).


Massage Therapists

Courtney Kunkleman - Licensed Massage Therapist

Courtney started out her massage career in Portland, Oregon and has traditional training in Swedish massage including application of deep tissue, side lying, and postural assessment techniques, hot stone, aromatherapy, shiatsu, chair massage and plenty of practice in spa essentials. Over the last four years she has further developed within deep tissue of the neck and spine, sports and prenatal massage, as well as myofascial release techniques. Her favorite massage includes a focused connection incorporating rocking and pressuretechniques from Shiatsu with fluid and attentive Swedish style deep tissue work. She keeps active by cycling, running, swimming, climbing, and motorcycle touring. In her downtime she prefers to be reading in the middle of a stream somewhere out of town.

Kirsten Gauthier-Newbury - Licensed Massage Therapist

Kirsten attended East West College for the healing Arts in Portland, OR and has been a practicing massage therapist since 2003, relocating to Glenwood Springs in 2014.  Her primary modalities: Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Traditional Thai and Facilitated Stretching, all influence her approach working with clients. She also has had experience doing Sports, Prenatal and Chair massage as well as performing treatments involving aromatherapy, and hot stones. While she especially enjoys the muscle-specific work of rehabilitation, she is also just as skilled providing a nurturing relaxation experience for clients. In her free time, Kirsten enjoys yoga, swimming, hiking, organic gardening, road trips to national parks, Rockies baseball, and a good game of Scrabble with anyone who will play her.

Becca Mecklenburg - Licensed Massage Therapist

Becca graduated from MountainHeart School of Bodywork of Crested Butte, CO in 2011. Dedicated to facilitate ease of well-being for clients on a path to a holistic way of life, she specializes in neuromuscular and craniosacral therapies to effectively balance the nervous system with gentle precision, mind-body awareness, and client empowerment. Becca also specializes in abdominal massage, which can be very helpful in easing digestive discomforts, increasing fuller breath capacity (great for altitude sickness!), and more completely addressing back and hip pain. In her free time, you can find her on an outdoor adventure with her husband, reading a good novel, or cooking up a feast.

Lizz Arias - Licensed Massage Therapist

Lizz has traditional training in Swedish massage techniques as well as applications of deep tissue, myofacial release, trigger points, pre-natal and infant massage as well as sports massage and injury recovery.  Lizz continues to grow her knowledge and education in her massage practice, including modalities such as polarity.  She is compassionate about making her session’s client focused and to create an intention and goal for each session.  Outside of massage, Lizz is a mother of 2 wonderful children.  She stays active by running, hiking, biking and exploring with her kids.

Ryan Tibbetts - Licensed Massage Therapist

Ryan studied massage therapy at the Aspen Massage Institute and graduated in 2015.  He is trained in swedish, sports, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, myfaicial release, prenatal, and geriatric massage techniques.  He enjoys working with athletes with specific muscular problems and pathologies and pre- and post- workout massage. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, camping, snowboarding, rafting, hunting, mushroom and berry picking.

Mary Sundblom - Licensed Massage Therapist

Mary was educated at the MountainHeart School of Bodywork of Crested Butte.  She is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation, Internal Organ Balancing, Prenatal + Infant Massage, as well Assisted Stretching, Reflexology, Accupressure, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy & Energy Work. Naturally nurturing and compassionate, Mary is committed to catering each session to meet client goals. She relies on intuition and strong communication to adapt and utilize multiple modalities to maximize benefits in each session. When able to work with clients over time, Mary is enthusiastic about empowering clients toward holistic- mind, body, spirt wellness. Also a yoga instructor & stand-up paddle board instructor trainer, she is passionate about movement, especially in the outdoors! In her free-time, you can find her on the water or in the mountains- playing, paddling, hiking, camping, skate-sking or snowboarding.

Jacob Tomaschko - Licensed Massage Therapist

Jacob begun his training at DMTC in Delta CO, since then he has continued to expand his knowledge in a variety of modalities and has learned how to treat various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries including headaches, thoracic outlet, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and surgical recovery. He specializes in targeted bodywork with an emphasis on postural correction and recovery utilizing a variety of modalities as well as Muscle energy techniques and various kinds of stretching techniques. He is trained in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Russian Sports Massage, Swedish, Hot Stone, and Deep Tissue Massage. In his free time, he enjoys yoga, meditation, hiking, and camping.

Yoga Insructors

Whitney Roginski - Yoga Director

Whitney Rose brings an up-lifting enthusiasm for yoga and self-healing into her fusion of movement, meditation and mudras in class. Introduced to yoga as a teenager, she brings 10 years of personal experience into her teaching. Whitney is also a trained Birth Doula in addition to her Yoga Certification, and has a sweet, nurturing vibe to all that she does. A Roaring Fork Valley native, she lives in Glenwood with her husband and daughter.

Lucy Roginski - Yoga Instructor

Lucy Roginski specializes in the art of wellness, slow stretching, thoughtful breath and meaningful movement. She completed her intital training in 2012 with Rocky Heron and continues her studies with ParaYoga founder, Rod Stryker. As a leader and artist in the community, Lucy also teaches a fusion of yoga and acrobatics called Acro Yoga . Her Providence classes weave breath, movement, meditation and rest to help further your commitment towards self-love, health and wholeness.

Eliza Fulton - Yoga Instructor

Eliza Fulton is an inspired yoga student of over 40 years. She has practiced many different modalities of yoga and recently completed her 200 hour Integrated Yoga Therapy Certification. She believes in the importance of integrating body, mind and spirit which ultimately leads to a happier and healthier life. This philosophy is incorporated into her gentle teaching style. Eliza is a 200 hour Certified Integrated Yoga Teacher and an Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Instructor. She has a BA in Holistic Nutrition and has practiced yoga and meditation for over 40 years. Eliza is enthusiastic about sharing these healing practices with others.

Erin Dowd - Yoga Instructor

During her university studies Erin was introduced to Yoga Therapy by Hansa at Prana Yoga and Ayurveda Mandala where she completed her 200-hour Contemplative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2007. Over the years she has continued numerous studies and added certifications in Prenatal Yoga, Adaptive and Chair Yoga, Senior Yoga, Nada Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.  She feels deep gratitude for the lessons that her many teachers, including her students, have shared with her.
Erin leads a dynamic practice that empowers each individual to work within their diverse abilities as is found within each group setting. She also offers private sessions–great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, for those working with injuries, health concerns, major life events, etc., and for anyone simply desiring more depth in their practice.

Mary Ferrari - Yoga Instructor

When Mary began her yoga practice in 2006, she found it to be a great way to exercise and stretch.  As her practice evolved she learned that yoga offers benefits to not only your physical body, but it also enables emotional, mental and spiritual wellness, providing whole body health.  The urge to explore this practice deeper led Mary to True Nature Healing Arts where she completed her 200 hour Integrative Yoga Therapy Instructor course. As a yoga therapist, Mary wishes to empower people with their own health and wellness through the cultivation of greater self-awareness, and yoga practice.  The asana format of her classes is largely based on requests and needs of the students.  She encourages a mindful practice that her fellow yogi’s can take with them off the mat and apply to everyday life. When not on her mat, Mary enjoys exploring the Roaring Fork Valley on her snowboard in the winter and with her raft and rock climbing gear in the summer.  She is also an advocate for sustainable food production by growing a large garden every summer and helping others in the community do so as well.

Taryn Pearce - Yoga Instructor

Taryn grew up in Glenwood Springs, and has found her heart and soul anchored to this small mountain town. She finds her synchronization with nature through trail running, rock climbing, and yoga. Taryn’s yoga practice began after seeing the fluidity and magic of Meghan Currie’s movement. After graduating from Fort Lewis College, she traveled to Nicaragua to study with Meghan Currie. Taryn leads her class in playful way, inviting students to explore their edge and discover their strength.

Grace Tennant - Yoga Instructor

Grace surrounds herself with positive energy and loves what positive vibes can do to create an intentional and purposeful life. She was a public school teacher for 14 years and loves bringing mindfulness and yoga to both kids and adults. Grace also works as teacher-mentor for the Africa Yoga Project, which is one of her favorite non-profit organizations and hopes to bring her family to Nairobi and assist in a Baptiste yoga teacher training sometime soon.

Grace is trained in Baptiste yoga- a practice that includes meditation, self-inquiry and a series of powerful physical poses. Come join Grace to explore your own practice, challenge yourself, and have fun! All levels are welcome to her classes, and you can expect a creative, energizing, and powerful experience!

Therapy Dog and Cuddler Extraordinaire

Trango - Shop dog

Trango was born to be a therapy dog.  He carries the highest qualifications: ultra soft hair, big brown eyes and a gentle soul.  When he is not donating time as therapy dog at the store, his favorite pass times include belly rubs, brushings, basking in the sun and cross country skiing.